Photodynamic therapy (PDT)

New light activated treatments for skin cancers and skin conditions.

What is PDT?




Photo – Light

Dynamic – photosensitizing agent activated by light

Therapy – treatment of a condition. 

PDT uses a light-sensitive chemical also known as a photosensitiser. Although the photosensitiser will be applied to the skin, it won’t be…

Stages of The Procedure

Our tailored treatment protocols depends on… 

  • What we are targeting- Skin cancers vs Sun spot
  • Targeted area size measured in 
  • Location – Face/Neck/ Forearms/hands/lower legs/chest
  • Individual skin features  including skin type /vasculature


Preparation before treatment is very important. Patients will need to..


On the day of treatment, our clinic nurse will ...

Post Treatment

Instructions on aftercare and sun protection will be provided...

Indications for LED Light Therapy including PDT

Sun spots

Sun Spots called Actinic Keratosis are precancerous changes on skin due to long term sun damage. PDT can effectively treat the whole areas of face,neck or forearms and hands. 

Skin Cancers

 Certain non-aggressive skin cancers such as superficial Basal Cell Carcinomas can be treated with PDT.*

Skin Conditions

Acne – Blue and Red light LED Sessions

Hair and Scalp -Hair regrowth therapy in addition to PRP injections. 

Cosmetic indications – Collagen -antiageing effect and Skin Rejuvenation, Post laser care

Wound care

Red light LED for wound healing 

Infrared LED for Wound healing, pain relief and Bruising

Our Prices

Sun Spots on face

$ 650
  • Treatments may need to be repeated after a period of time depending upon the severity of sun damaged skin.

Hair and Scalp

$ 950
  • Packages with PRP injection to the Scalp for hair loss treatments are available. Platelet rich plasma injection fees apply inaddition.

Skin Conditions

$ 80
  • Acne - 8 sessions. Wound healing - 2 sessions. Each session fees $80. Session packages are tailored to skin condition and patients needs.

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